Studio at your Event


What does it cost ?
It costs the organisers nothing !
We will attend free of charge, photograph the guests and sell prints at the event. There is absolutely no obligation to buy - if your guests like the photographs they may choose to make a purchase.

What are the costs to the guests ?
At most events we charge £10 (3 for £25) for a mounted 9" x 6" print which we find is the most popular size.

Other Print sizes can be ordered after the event from the secure web site

Can you print the photos in black and white ?
Monochrome or sepia effects can add a different flavour to your photos. Our mini-lab can print colour, black and white, and sepia - the choice is yours. These choices can also be made through the web site.

Can reprints be ordered ?
All photographs taken at the event appear on our web site within 48 hours (password protected if appropriate) where prints and reprints of differing sizes can be ordered directly.

What kind of events do you cover ?
Pretty much anything really including Wedding receptions, black tie balls, golf days, dinner dance, school proms, graduations, private parties, corporate, social and sports events. We will accomodate any event however unusual !

How much space do you need ?
We need to set up a mini studio and mini-lab facility. Ideally, we need a space of around 20' by 20' (or larger !), though we've managed to squeeze into a 10' by 15' space in the past !
Can you offer an 'inclusive' package so that our staff or guests don't need to pay for their own photos ?

Yes - sometimes it's appropriate for the organisers to include the photos as a memento of the event.
We can offer very competitive rates

Do you have a special package for charities and fundraisers ?
We gladly donate 10% of the evening's proceeds to the charity.

Call Barry on 07976 360728 for more details